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About Us

As the time passes on day by day the technology advancements are taking place so rapidly so, our mission is to improve the performance of the students, teachers and chemistry learner’s in their Academics, professions. This is possible only when we come up with a strong intention to clarify and teach proper Chemistry in right way.

We, as a team would like to make a small change in the way that we are learning today. For this, we are going to do exhaustive research on things like Chemistry fundamentals, teaching methodologies, and best tricks to crack entrances.

Yakaiah Chennori has a M.Sc in Chemistry from IIT Kanpur, got 8 years of teaching experience in training the students for various entrance examinations like Civils chemistry optional, CSIR, GATE, IITJAM, TIFR, IITJEE, NEET, NTSE, KVPY and other entrances. His beginning lectures are must see for any aspiring professional or a student who wants to learn from the best.

Yakaiah Chennori   (Chemical Sciences)